Michael Bednarek - Managing Director

Michael is the networker in the company. He is constantly travelling around the globe to find new ideas and unique destinations for our valued guests. His life long experience in tourism makes him the perfect candidate to be the head of our product management team. His insight and understanding of the modern traveller is second to none as he has been working with guests his whole life. When creating a package, his philosophy is: „I would only suggest to our guests what I experienced and enjoyed  myself!“

Simon Fook Heng Twe - Product Manager

Having worked in European hotels for most of his life, Simon supervises our hotel- and partner-network. Being Asian himself and understanding Asian mentalities, he liaises with our partners to finalize package content. He is also responsible to negotiate prices with our partners, always making sure that our guests get the best value for money. At trade shows he is mainly responsible to build the hotel network of Roundtrips.Global