Serbia in 10 days

Group from 6 persons and
more starting from (p.P)

‎USD 1679

Private tour for 2 persons
starting from (p.P.) : ‎USD 2348

Duration: 10 Days


  • Iconic landmarks of Serbia
  • Make some pottery
  • Take a boat ride through the biggest gorge of Europe
  • Try selected Serbian wines

Day 1
Villlage Mala Vrbica


After meeting with your guide you will continue straight to Šumadija to town of Topola. Renewal of modern Serbian state commenced here in 1804. On the tip of Oplenac hill you’ll visit Royal mausoleum, church where 27 members of royal family are buried. From this point onward we are only enjoying Šumadija wine. Three wineries are on our list: Royal wine cellar, established in 1930s by Serbian king, then prominent Serbian winery Aleksandrović and as a highlight of wine exploration, young family owned winery. They will serve lunch with their matching wines.

Rest of the day we’ll spend in household House of Čolović. Warm hosts from the guesthouse will show you from firsthand how local people live in Serbian village nowadays.

Overnight: Villlage Mala Vrbica

Day 2
illage Donji Ljubiš


Second day will start with reach and tasty homemade breakfast which is a treat for all senses. After you say goodbye to our hosts we’ll drive towards West Serbia and iconic Zlatibor Mountain where you’ll enjoy pure nature. First stop is Stopića Cave, then after the cave we continue to the village Sirogojno, where the ethnological open-air museum Old Village is settled. From Sirogojno we move on to Gostilje waterfall where 20m water dropdown creates wonderful scene and cold water makes pleasant refreshment in hot summer days.

Lunch and finish of the day is again in rural area at guesthouse Pećinar which is managed by the Pećinar family for six generations.
Overnight: Village Donji Ljubiš

Day 3
Mokra Gora


If voices of birds don’t wake you up, smell of Zlatibor food will. After the breakfast we head to Mokra gora town. Here you’ll experience most attractive narrow track railway in this part of Europe, famous Sargan Eight train. When we finish with the train ride, we will cross to Bosnia to visit Višegrad with famous bridge over river Drina dating from the XVI century. Yugoslavian writer Ivo Andrić who wrote the novel with the same name Bridge over Drina won the Nobel Prize in 1962. Here you’ll enjoy a boat ride on Drina River with a local captain and lunch on Drina bank.

After lunch we’ll return to Mokra gora and to Kustendorf ethnic village. The complex is creation of our famous film director Emir Kusturica. You have rest of the day for yourself.
Overnight: Mokra Gora

Day 4
Monastery Studenica


The day ahead of you will combine your handcraft skills in making pottery in village Zlakusa, with scenic drive over picturesque Golija Mountain. Final destination for the day is monastery Studenica from the XII century. This UNESCO world heritage site is considered for the most beautiful Serbian monastery. Before we reach the monastery, you’ll try the best trout in the area, caught fresh from the pound.

Overnight is in monastery Studenica guesthouse. Here you can expect regular accommodation typical for guesthouses. All rooms feature en suite bathroom and Wi-Fi.
Overnight: Monastery Studenica

Day 5


In the morning of the fifth day we’ll explore Studenica monastery. Its churches, architecture and frescoes, together with spirituality and heritage are corner stone of Serbian Orthodox church. From here we will get down to the valley of river Ibar, also known as The valley of kings. This name is result of numerous endowments built by Serbian medieval rulers. Here we’ll stop for lunch in a special place, a local tavern ran by the same family for 200 years. After lunch next stop is monastery Žiča from the XIII century. This one has different appearance compared to any other Serbian monastery. You’ll learn the reasons for this on the spot.

Final destination for the day is Niš, economic and cultural center of south and third biggest city in Serbia. You’ll have the rest of the day to explore Niš on your own. Tips and recommendations will be provided.
Overnight: Niš

Day 6
Borsko jezero


Before we leave Niš we’ll take you to one unique place, The Skull Tower. This memorial from the XIX century is actually a tower where skulls of Serbian revolutionaries were built-in by the Ottomans. From Niš we’ll continue to East Serbia. En route we will first stop at a winery which has a unique process for wine aging. The same process Romans used when they were in these areas. Here we’ll have lunch in combination with their wines. Next stop is Felix Romuliana, a UNESCO Roman palace from the IV century, built by Roman Emperor Galerius.

Overnight on the Bor lake, here you’ll have a chance to relax in hotel’s pool.
Overnight: Borsko jezero (Bor lake)

Day 7


From Bor Lake we continue further to the very east of Serbia, to its border with Romania. The biggest gorge of Europe is located here, the famous Iron Gate gorge. We’ll have a boat ride through the most beautiful part of the gorge to the Tabula Traiana, a Roman memorial table from the I century. After boat ride we’ll get back on the road and drive to a local household Captain Misa’s hill where we’ll have lunch typical for this area. After lunch we continue upstream till archaeological site Lepenski vir dating from 8000 BC. From there we continue to the Golubac fortress, located at the very entrance to the gorge where Danube is widest on its whole flow (7km from side to side).

In the evening we reach Belgrade and your Hotel 
Overnight: Belgrade

Day 8


We’ll take you first to Belgrade fortress, the most iconic Belgrade landmark. Then from the fortress we move to other part of the city, posh Dedinje. You’ll visit House of flowers, which is eternal home of former Yugoslavian president Tito. #YourSerbiaHost will explain how Tito’s cult was nurtured during his life, but also long after he was gone. From controversial Yugoslavian dictator’s tomb we’ll take you to a holy place, to St. Sava church. This the biggest Orthodox temple in the Balkans is dedicated to true saint who was born in the XII and who brought autonomy to Serbian Orthodox Church in the XIII century.

When we finish this part of exploration we’ll take you to a restaurant in the neighborhood, where local food is prepared in modern manner. After lunch we’ll switch to the other side of the river, to Zemun. This old part of the city was actually separate town till 1934. Stroll along Danube promenade or walk to the Gardoš hill and drink in one of the local cafe’s will make you fill like a local.

Rest of the day you have free to explore Belgrade on your own. Tips and recommendations will be provided.
Overnight: Belgrade

Day 9
Novi Sad


After breakfast you will travel straight to Vojvodina region and its sole mountain Fruška gora. Here you’ll visit monastery Krušedol from the XVI century and then you’ll continue to town of Sremski Karlovci. Next stop is Petrovaradin fortress, where you’ll learn why it took 88 years for the complex to be completed. Lunch and gourmet part of the day is planned in a small wine cellar where wine maker is also a cook. He will serve his homemade food and match it with his fine wines.

After lunch it’ll take only 15 minutes to reach your Hotel where you’ll stay for the overnight. You have rest of the day free to enjoy Novi Sad on your own. Tips and recommendations will be provided.
Overnight: Novi Sad

Day 10


On the last day of your seven day Serbia vacation package  we’ll give you transfer to airport or bus/train station. Depending on your travel arrangement you can spend some time shopping or wondering Belgrade vibrant streets.

Day 1 Villlage Mala Vrbica

Day 2 illage Donji Ljubiš

Day 3 Mokra Gora

Day 4 Monastery Studenica

Day 5 Niš

Day 6 Borsko jezero

Day 7 Belgrade

Day 8 Belgrade

Day 9 Novi Sad

Day 10 Belgrade


Accommodation is provided in 4* hotels, village guest house and village B&B. 


9x Breakfast, 9x Lunch, 4x Dinner


English tour guide/driver


4 Star Hotels


If you have any food restrictions let us know upfront

  • 9 nights in your chosen accomodation
  • Meal as specified in itinerary
    (B = Breakfast, BR = Brunch, L = Lunch, D = Dinner)
  • Activities and excursions according to itinerary


- Visit Royal complex in Oplenac hill with mausoleum church

- Learning about creation of modern Serbian state 

- Try premium Serbian wines in the most famous wine region of Šumadija

- Experince few natural gems such as Stopica cave and Gostilje waterfall

- Ride on the scenic Sargan Eight train

- Boat ride on Drina river under famous Drina river bridge

- Try making traditional Serbian pottery

- Admiring breathtaking frescoes in the Monastery Studenica from the XII century, which is UNESCO site

- Visit UNESCO site Felix Romuliana from the IV century

- Ride through the biggest gorge of Europe on a boat and experience ancient Roman road

- Visit to Novi Sad and its vicinity

  • Tours and excursions in mini buses/buses
    or with public transportation according to itinerary
  • Belgrade pickup and drop-off
  • English tour guide/driver service
  • Admission fees according to itinerary

  • International flights
  • Meals other than mentioned in itinerary
  • Tours and Excursions other than mentioned in itinerary
  • Early check-in and late check-out at hotels
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Personal expenses and tips for driver/guides
  • Visa fees 

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