Unearthing Hyrcanian forests, mysticism and music of ancient Persia

Group from 6 persons and
more starting from (p.P)

‎USD 1975

Private tour for 2 persons
starting from (p.P.) : ‎USD 2295

Duration: 16 Days


  • See traditional dance and music of ancient Khorasan region
  • Visit the treasure of Persia in classic cities like Yazd, Shiraz, Isfahan and Kashan
  • Visit the biggest centers of producing “Saffron”
  • Visit the Hyrcanian forest in Caspian sea coast and stepped travertine terrace

Day 1

Theran: Arrival (D)

Soon after arrival at IKIA, you are welcomed in CIP Lounge. Then you are transferred to a 5-Star hotel in Tehran and rest.

Overnight: Theran

Day 2

Theran (B, L, D)

After having your breakfast with a wide range of choices, Tehran sightseeing tour starts. It begins with the National Museum of Iran(UNESCO). Next, it is time to visit the Golestan Palace, which is the former royal Qajar complex. Then you enjoy the delicious Persian cuisines at a traditional restaurant. Your afternoon commences with city tour to the Iranian National Jewels Museum and Tajrish Bazaar. This memorable day ends with a buffet dinner and glorious weather in Darband area. At last but not least, you get back to the hotel.

Overnight: Theran

Day 3

Theran – SavadKuh (B, L, D)

In the early morning, you leave Tehran for Lafour Lake in Savadkouh county in Mazandaran Province. Soon after arrival and checking in Lafour iGopersia exclusive jangle camp, your self-service lunch is served, which is prepared by our professional chef, so you could taste plenty of food in marvelous ambience. then you have leisure pursuits such as walking through the jungle, playing group games, enjoying the spectacular landscape of lake and jungle.

Overnight: SavadKuh

Day 4

SavadKuh – Sari (Badab-e Surt) - Shahroud (B, L, D)

On third day after having breakfast, you have a two-hour drive to Badab-e Soort lake in the south of Sari city. After visiting this natural site and having lunch, you leave to Damghan and visit Tarik Khaneh Mosque, which is a Sassanidera monument. You go to Shahroud later and check in at 4-star hotel, have dinner and rest overnight.

Overnight: Shahroud

Day 5

Shahroud - Nishapur - Mashhad (B, L, D)

Soon after checking out the hotel, you go sightseeing in Bastam and Kharaghan village. Bayazid Bastami an early Muslim mystic and Sufi known as “King of Gnostics” and tomb of Abu al hassan Kharaqani one of the mater Sufis of Iran. Then you leave to Nishapur and have lunch in Sabzevar County. In the afternoon, Nishapur city tour begins with Khayyam and Attar mausoleums. Khayyam was the famous Iranian poet, philosopher, mathematician and astronomer. Attar was one of the most famous mystic poets of Iran as well. After having dinner, you depart for Mashhad and check in at 5-star hotel there.

Overnight: Mashhad

Day 6

Mashhad (B, L, D)

In the early morning you set off for Mashhad tour. At first, you visit Imam Reza Shrine (UNESCO). Then you go to Ferdousi mausoleum and Haronie. Ferdowsi, the influential Persian poet and author of the Persian epic, Shahnameh died in Mashhad. Haroniyeh mansion is the oldest monument next to Ferdousi mausoleum. It is shopping and leisure time after having lunch. Last but not least, you go back to hotel and have dinner.

Overnight: Mashhad

Day 7

Mashhad - Khaf - Nashtifan (B, L, D)

Soon after breakfast, you leave for Torbat-e- Jam, an ancient city in Mashhad, and visit Sheikh Ahmad Jam mausoleum. He was a Persian Sufi, Sufi writer, mystic and poet. Then you go sightseeing in Khaf ancient village and have lunch in Ghiyasiye traditional guesthouse. Then you visit Nashtifan Windmill, which is a valuable monument in terms of architecture, ahead of having dinner and pleasure of traditional music and dance.

Overnight: Nashtifan

Day 8

Nashtifan - Tabas (B, L, D)

Today starts with Gonabad city tour, which is mostly well-known because of the Gonabadi Dervishes and for its Qantas. You visit bidokht Village there as well. After having lunch, you leave for Tabas, a desert city with lots of date and citrus trees, and check in Nakhl and Narges traditional guest house. You enjoy their delectable local cuisine for dinner.

Overnight: Tabas

Day 9

Tabas - Azmighan (B, L, D)

Following yesterday Tabas tour, you go to Azmighan, deyhuk, Korit ancient Villages and Kal Jenni Canyon and Golshan garden. Azmighan Village is a marvel of nature and a unique tourist attraction of Tabas. Kal Jenny Canyon has been shaped by water movement and erosion throughout centuries. One of the unique features of Kal-e Jenni is a series of man-made chambers carved into slopes. Your appetizing meals are served at a local restaurant Setareh Halvan.

Overnight: Azmighan

Day 10

Azmighan - Kharanagh - Yazd (B, L, D)

Today you leave Tabas for Yazd and visit Kharanagh Village, which includes many historical tourist attractions such as Kharanagh Castle, Menar Jonban, and Kharanagh Caravanserai.Your lunch is served at Kharanagh Caravanserai. Then you have a two-hour drive to Chak Chak temple, one of the famous places in Zoroastrian pilgrimage in the mountain. Finally, you check in a 4-star traditional hotel and enjoy their decent meal.

Overnight: Yazd

Day 11

Yazd (B, L, D)

Your tenth day begins with urban tourism of Zoroastrian dakhmeh (Tower of silence) and Fire Temple. After having lunch and taking a break, your city tour continues with Amir Chakhmaq complex, Jame Mosque, the 12th-century monument which is still in use today, and Shabe Zaman Zurkhane. The traditional Iranian gym is named Zurkhaneh, which has the circled pit in a center for exercising. As soon as returning to hotel, you have dinner and rest.

Overnight: Yazd

Day 12

Yazd - Shiraz (B, L, D)

On this day, you go sightseeing in Dowlat Abad Garden, Mazari neighborhood, and Henna Mill. Dowlat Abad Garden is the architectural jewel of Yazd (UNESCO). Henna grinding is a 700-year-old profession still practiced in traditional bazaar. Soon after having lunch and checking out the hotel, you depart for Shiraz, check in at hotel, and have dinner.

Overnight: Shiraz

Day 13

Shiraz - Persepolis (B, L, D)

In the morning, you leave hotel for Persepolis (UNESCO). Legendary city of Persepolis, is the former capital of Darius the Great. You have lunch afterwards and visit Narenjestan or Qavam Garden, Hafiz Mausoleum, Eram Garden, and Vakil Bazaar. You have free time for shopping as well. Your dinner is dished up at wonderful Shahpouri house and its beautiful garden.

Overnight: Persepolis

Day 14

Persepolis - Isfahan (B, L, D)

After checking out the hotel and visiting Nasir-al-Mulk Mosque (Pink mosque) with its magical rainbow lights in early morning, you leave for Isfahan. Prior to having lunch at a restaurant with cozy ambience, you visit Sio- se-Pol and Khajoue Bridges (UNESCO). When it gets dark, the bridges are lightened with hundreds of lamps and beautifully reflected in river waters. This exciting day ends up having tasty dinner and checking in at hotel.

Overnight: Isfahan

Day 15

Isfahan (B, L, D)

This day continues with Isfahan city tour to UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Imam Mosque, Lotfollah Mosque, and Ali Qapou Palace, which are situated in Naghsh-e-Jahan (Image of the world) Square. After having lunch, you visit Vank Cathedral in jolfa neighborhood (The Armenian quarter of Isfahan). It is your leisure time at Isfahan Bazaar. Then you go back to hotel and have dinner.


Day 16

Isfahan - Kashan: Departure (B, L, D)

 Last day begins with departing for Kashan and its old village, Abiyaneh. You have lunch at Manouchehri traditional House in Kashan afterwards Abyaneh sightseeing. Then you visit Fin Garden, Boroujerdiha House, Kashan Bazaar, and Sultan Mir Ahmad Hammam (UNESCO). Sultan Mir Ahmad Hammam is a 500yera old and a superb example of an Iranian bathhouse. Eventually, your dinner is served and you leave to IKIA for international departure

Day 1 Theran

Day 2 Theran

Day 3 SavadKuh

Day 4 Shahroud

Day 5 Mashhad

Day 6 Mashhad

Day 7 Nashtifan

Day 8 Tabas

Day 9 Azmighan

Day 10 Yazd

Day 11 Yazd

Day 12 Shiraz

Day 13 Persepolis

Day 14 Isfahan

Day 15 Isfahan

Day 16 Theran


15x Breakfast, 15x Lunch, 16x Dinner

VIP bus transfer with internet (WiFi)
Professional tour guide (English, German, French, Spanish and Italian)

4 and 5 Star Hotels and traditional guest houses

In a typical guesthouse’s room, normally there are furniture such as carpet or rug, matts, pillows, electric heater, ceiling fan (sometimes splits and chillers) and sharing oriental WC and bathroom. The typical system of sleeping and bedding is surface-sleeping (floor sleeping). We serve you mat, pillow and blanket for each person (You can have your own sleeping bag too). So, you have the opportunity to experience homemade food and feel the real life style of the locals.
  • 15 nights in your chosen accomodation
  • Meal as specified in itinerary
    (B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner)
  • Activities and excursions according to itinerary
  • Tours and excursions in mini buses/buses 
    or with public transportation according to itinerary
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Admission fees according to itinerary

  • International flights
  • Meals other than mentioned in itinerary
  • Tours and Excursions other than mentioned in itinerary
  • Early check-in and late check-out at hotels
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Personal expenses and tips for driver/guides
  • Visa fees 

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