Albania is the best place to discover right now in Balkans.

Albania is not overpacked with tourists during the summer days as people are just discovering what it has to offer. This place is the gem of Europe. To tour Albania you will need help because there are so many things to see that you might get lost around. A beautiful country that offers high sharp mountains and beautiful beaches that range from pebbly to sandy. Albania's coastline can be seen through the map.

With pink and golden sunsets and a great coast. The southern coast line is one of the most beautiful places you have ever seen. Discover the sandy beaches of the Adriatic Sea and the pebbly beaches of the Ionian Sea. In Albania you will find one of the last wild rivers of Europe, River Vjosa. But, that’s not all. The beauty of this country goes beyond just sandy and rocky beaches. The stunning Alps of Balkans are the most gorgeous asset of Albania. Albania has the best of many worlds, Mountains, Lakes, Rivers and Seas. Hike and explore the nature and wilderness of the mountains, swim in the crystal clear lakes and rivers, and dive into the bluest waters of the two seas. Meanwhile, discover where the people of Besa live. Be stunned by the beauty of the Valleys. Taste the traditional dishes, eat ecological food and sleep in small cottages. All these in this small country that borders itself.